Would you date a customer?

I have this customer who I see quite a bit. He remembered my name after meeting ne once, and he remembers things about me. Like I wore a Slytherin pin on my best, and he remembered I was a Slytherin, even though it wasn't brought up. Then he told me about how the other day he saw a zodiac Harry Potter thing and it reminded him of me. He just seems into me, and by his looks he isn't much older than me.

He hasn't asked me out or anything, But it feels like it's coming. I work retail. Would you date a customer you met on the job?

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  • No, I wouldn't
  • Maybe
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  • Not if I value my job. Even back in college when I waited tables and tended bar it always meant trouble. They don't go away when it ends.

    • Well I mean, but really where else are you supposed to meet somone?

    • I understand what you mean but let me offer this good advice. If the only place you meet people is qork the pick up a hobby or two and round out your life. Work changes and can goes away. It shouldn't be the only thing in your life.

    • I go to the gym a lot, so it's not really the only place, but my "hobby" pretty much just involves a lot of running, so It's kinda hard to carry a conversation.

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