How come this girl didn't reach out to me or tell me to keep in touch on my last day with the company? I thought she had a crush on me?

I had a great relationship with a girl for 4 months.
We talked to each other every 2-3 days over email, phone and instant message and when we saw each other we would smile each other
She would tell me I was awesome and gave me her personal phone number and send me smiley emoji asking me to call her.
Since I thought she gave me her phone number for work related purposes, I texted her 5 days later and she got upset and started avoiding me.
We stopped emailing, calling, talking and chatting with other for 2 months.
2 weeks later, I sent an email to her and she responded with Thanks.
1 week later, I went up to her and she said Hi with her head down blushing.
A week later, she sent me a question and I responded and she responded with Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face through email.
I eventually met her in the elevator and she said that she was stalking me after she mentioned she hasn’t seen me for a while and I walked with her and said See you later but she didn’t respond.
A week later, she sent an email for assistance and I helped her and said See you later.
Two days I saw her and she said Hey and she said What’s so funny when I was laughing.
Days later, she sent me 1st instant message after 3 months with a question and I responded and she said Thanks.
Days later, I sent a chatting her telling her know that 1 week later, it will be my last day with the company and that it was fun supporting her and respond with
“I had no idea that you were leaving”!
Two days before I left I went to her office and said bye and she said bye and smiled.
The next day, there was no contact from her or promise to keep in touch.


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  • ok, well, umm if you were into her its kind of weird that you never said anything about leaving the company until the last minute...

    and second, im not sure why you are waiting for her to contact you, why don't you go contact her?

    • I told that about a week and a half ago before I left.
      I went up to the day before I left.

    • well, just call her, thats what you guys are supposed to do, sow you are interested now that you've gone on to a different job/life etc.

  • Yeah stop waiting for her to contact you, you gotta contact her first. It seems like she likes you. Girls do that a lot, like for example if a girl has a party at her house a lot of times she won't hug the guy or whatever when he leaves. I don't know it sort of leaves the guy guessing I guess.


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