Mexican girls, who would you rather have?

  • Hot white guy who is nice.
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  • Hot black guy who is nice.
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  • I just want a respectable man. Who cares about color. I love without seeing labels, borders, and barriers. Things like white or black, brown or yellow. Tall or short. Hispanic or non-hispanic means so little to me because the heart never judge. The heart falls for someone's persona not the color of their skin


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  • As an honorary mexicana I prefer mexicanos

  • Oh lord, Black guys are freaking hot. I'm not Mexican tho lol. I'm just saying. 😂😍😍

    • You're really hot

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    • Oh ok lol, so which race of guys are you most attracted to and which race of men are you least attracted to?

    • Omg, stop asking same question in a different way man. Wtf i told you I don't like white guys stop asking. This is so stupid

  • I just want my boyfriend


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