Why doesn't he want to talk to me anymore?

so me and this guy (i have a hardcore crush on him) I've talked to for 7 months and 2 months ago he admitted he likes me and were both pretty convinced we should be together , he's still waiting to ask me out in person but two days ago he's been ignoring me. i kiss ass to him cz i miss him and i want to know why he always says "bye" i was trying to be serious with him and then he responded with "okay" i asked him several times why he's mad and he says he isn't but obviously he is. i think im gonna give up on him and just leave him alone even if it hurts me a bit.


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  • Love is not forceful, let him be the one to fulfill the promise of loving you.


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  • Well I wouldn't give up on him yet. Sometimes guys act that way because he don't know how to approach you after they just told you that they like you. And he is not mad just confused on when is the right time to ask you or what to say or where. Just give it some time he will change.