I feel so dumb should I have approached her?

i went through the college entrance with dozens of other students i was with a couple of friends and she was with another girl, she looked back for some reason and saw me once, she then continued walking but still looked back at me again almost with a smile and we made eye contact, she continued walking and turned back a third time to take another quick glance, she was absolutly gorgeous, and very cute... i went to set on a bench in the hallway with some friends and she was sitting with her friend on the bench beside us, she kept turning around every few minutes to look at me and me being me i made sure to make eye contact, couldnt approach because of my friends and hers, ... an hour later her friends left for like 15 mins and so did mine so we were alone.

i wanted to talk to her so bad and approach her i kept looking hoping she would look up in my direction so i can say something to her but she didn't, my friends came back and so did hers... all i could do was walk up to her to ask her if she knows where i can find lecture room... she smiled and told me.

i fked up i know i probably won't ever get that opportunity again or even meet her again... what do you think?



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  • Relax, it just wasn't meant to be... maybe you will see her again...

    • highly unlikely but oh well...

    • You will have encouters with other girls slowly, don't worry... you will screw up, part of life... but each time will get better and one day you will naturally talk to a girl, you can't force things

    • my problem is that i dont exactly approach girls even though i want to, i have a lot of girls giving me lots of attention to the point any guy who approaches girl on the regular will wonder why iam not doing anything about it...