If a guy texts you everyday from the day he got your number with flirts and love quotes, what does that mean?

I met this guy on last Monday. I gave him my number two days later. Every since then, he text me everyday, sometimes with flirts, other times with love quotes. However, we never talked on the phone. Do you think he likes me? I asked him if he were playing mind games. He told me that he don't play games and that he is real and serious about what he says. What do you think?


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  • I believe this guy is into you. If you are also seriously interested in him, be careful with how you respond to him. If you want to be taken seriously, don't give in too much at the beginning. Try to go out on a date with him and see how you feel. Giving him too much cookie at the beginning might make him bored later on..

    You should hint at him that you would like to go on a date..but don't tell him!..just "Hint".

    He will make plans if he is serious about going out with you :)


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  • I wouldn't waste my time on this one. I'm sure he's attracted to you but, he could be sending those things to other girls as well.

    But really... I think that behavior is just a little creepy. Be a man and pick up the phone to hang out or something. Love quote texts right after you met is coming on a little too strong.

  • Well if he's so "real and serious" like he says he is why dosn't he show it in any other form other than texting? For example: calling, meeting up with you in person, etc.

    Anybody can send anything over a text message without having the need to prove anything to anybody just keep that in mind girl.