What does he mean by his messages after the 1st date?

I went out on a 1st date for a drink with a guy that I met online. I think the date went well for both of us. When we parted ways, he said "We should do this again sometime" and I said "yeah". Then we hugged each other good-bye. 2 days later, I texted him to say "I had a great time with you the other day, I would like to get to know you better, enjoy your trip out east (he is traveling for the weekend) and I'm looking forward to seeing you again." 5 minutes later, he texted me back to say "I'm looking forward to spending more time with you as well. I've enjoyed getting to know you. Try and pencil me in somewhere in your day timer when I get back :-)." I replied and said "I think I'd like that. Let me know when you are back :)". He replied and said "I'll be back Sunday evening. So maybe early next week sometime. I'll give you a call." I replied and ended it with "OK have fun!".

Today is now Wednesday (he came back Sunday night) and I haven't heard from him. My QUESTIONS are: 1) What does he mean by all that he said to me about spending time, etc.? 2) Is he going to call? and lastly 3) What should I do at the moment?

Your, both girls and guys, comments/opinions are much appreciated! :)


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  • Hello,

    Well when he said "'m looking forward to spending more time with you as well" he simply means he's looking forward to seeing you again. I think your reading to much into that one :)

    is he going to call and what should you do now.. well I'm afraid anly he can answer the first part.. as far as what you should do.. simple. carry on with your life. he's aware your interested so all you can do is wait for him..

    Good Luck


    • Thx Chris! but why would guys say that they'll call and want to see you again but end up not calling?

    • The fact you must keep in mind is this, youve only had ONE date. now the man said he had fun and would like to see you again, but as you said he's been out the area, there are a thousand reasons for him not calling you, and non of which mean he's not interested.. my advice is to just relax. its out of your hands now. if/when he wants to see you he will call you.. I personal;y have waited 9 days to call a women becouse I was busy with work.. its early days.. be patient

    • Sounds like a great advise! but how long should I wait for him to call? I'm thinking if he doesn't contact me (either call, email, or text) by end of Sunday this week, he is obviously NOT interested anymore. Sunday would make it a week since he got back to town and 2 weeks from the 1st date. Is that a fair assumption? What do you think?

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  • Cont. on with your life :) Just because he failed in meeting up with you again as he said he would does not mean that you should be dreading over his no show.

    He was probably either busy with other plans or honestly really had no intentions on actually meeting up with you.

    If he would of cared about meeting up with you he would of at least informed you that he can't see you don't you think so?

  • You cannot do anything about it. Just keep yourself busy and expect the worst. So, if he decided to call then Yeeeheeey! but if he doesn't at least it would not make you feel bad as much.

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