He doesn't want to hang out but he's taking me out for my b day?

we were FWB for about 5 months but recently ended things because I fought with him over stupid things which I realized, owned up to, and apologized (I was going through a lot of stress at the time). he said he doesn't want to hang out with me for a long time because he won't be able to control himself and not have sex with me. I recently lost all my friends and asked him to go to the movies with me on my b day this Sunday and he said he would do that but JUST as friends. what can I do to get him back? I miss his sex and company I want to go back to what we were. I haven't seen him since we ended things a month ago


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  • Ehh... love isn't a competition. You can't "win" someone over, people aren't trophies to be won.

    In short, treat him with respect, don't lust over him, and you should be fine.

    • But since he said just as friends would it be a bad idea to make any subtle moves on him or should I completely control myself. and how should I act? what can I wear to attract him to me

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    • Uhh... possibly? Some guys do love the chase, and like a bit of a challenge. Then again, every man is different.

      Though I gotta wonder why exactly you're trying so hard to get back with this gentleman. He's made it very clear he only wants to be your friend. Is it really that hard to control yourself in front of him?

    • Because clearly we still want to hook up with each other so why not? he doesn't want to becuse of all the drama that came along with it but that's something I realized I did wrong and needed to fix

  • CANT CONTROL HIMSELF TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU? that's messed up you shouldnt be with a guy like that anyway

    • Well I feel the same way, we never had a friendship relationship we always hooking up so its what we are both going to want to do. I want to hook up with him again, how can I make him do that?

    • Can you anwser me this? why would you want to be with a guy that's going to treat you like that I don't understand it? A relationship shouldnt be all about having sex and hooking up it goes way beyong that.

    • It was beyond that, he treated me well actually and took me out alot. we hung out multiple times without hooking up

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