Is there anything wrong/weird about dating a girl in high school when I'm a freshman in college?

Like that's a junior or sophomore? I can't get any girls my age, despite being a great guy, not to sound conceited... but I only make beautiful female friends of girls my age, while they date idiots/losers... just frustrating.

I've never had a Girlfriend and I want some experience so I might turn to younger girls and ask them out. I'm not looking for sex. I'd never go all the way till I found the one... I just want someone to go out with and have fun. do I have a good chance with just about any girl that's younger than me... I hear girls really like older guys. and how special would a hs girl feel dating a college guy? lol


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  • Personally, it would have taken an unusual girl for me to be interested in her while she was in high school while I was in college. 16 year and 19 year olds typically are in very different places in their lives. Imagining enough common ground to sustain a relationship is difficult for me. Not to say it couldn't or shouldn't happen. Without knowing you both I'd have a hard time saying an absolute yay or nay. I just encourage you to consider what you are getting yourself into.

    By your tone I infer that you consider this "settling" for dating down. That aspect makes me leery of advising for it. My normal advice would be to date her if you are really into each other and to hell with what anyone else thinks. Do the dating and figure out if you actually work as a couple. If you don't, then end it. No harm no foul as long as you don't break any laws... On the other hand, if you aren't that into each other currently then don't do it. It's not worth the potential drama. However, my expectations of a relationship may vary drastically from your goals.

    On Dating for Experience: I tend to think of this type of dating as cruel unless you let the girl know that up front. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the concept of dating someone you don't at least think you might be interested in pursuing a real relationship with.

    Dating vs Being a Couple: I'd also encourage you to remember that relationships aren't dichotomously sincere dating or friendship. There is a certain amount of dating that I tend to think is needed to explore how your personalities mesh before you should actually committed. You can get plenty of experience on the 2-3 dates it takes you to find out if you are interested in pursuing an actual relationship. Communicate this expectation. I see nothing wrong with this kind of casual dating between a junior in high school and a freshman in college other than I tend to see it as largely a waste of time since you probably don't have as much common ground as you would with girls your own age.

    Not to lecture overly, but I can't help feeling you'd have a higher success rate with girls your own age if you got beyond "beautiful". If you had said "wonderful" or just female friends I'd sympathize a bit more with you. You might take a little while to consider what's important in a relationship. Don't be one of the idiot/losers that line up solely based on looks.

    Be mindful this can cause alarm in the spectators in the situation. Your friends might rib you for it and parents that don't like you are very much an object to a happy relationship, not insurmountable, but still problematic. Short term: parents of high school kids often have them on a tight leash and can therefor throw major roadblocks your way. Long term: It's hard to change someones mind once they've set it. 7 years into my current relationship and I'm still trying to make my girlfriend's life easier by getting her parents like me. On the whole this is the least important aspect to me.

    • Great answer... Thank you!

      But like, why is it ok for other guys to date around for fun, when they're not in it for the longhaul? I mean I wouldn't feel good about hurting someone but at the same time I want to have fun too. I feel that I need a bit of experience, but idk.

      dating and love is so hard. I thought I found someone too, but ugh I guess I was "too good for her".

      What a freaking load of garbage :/

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  • i don't think there's anything wrong with dating a girl in hs (as long as she is a junior or senior, if she's not then I'm pretty sure its illegal), if ur just a freshman. lots of guys do that. but I don't think that you should only date girls in hs because they are younger than you, because you cud really miss out on the girls ur age in college.

  • I don't think there is anything wrong but honestly there's so many good looking college girls..that more mature and could relate to you more. I say give it a shot one more time and go and see.

    • Idk I don't want a party crazed girl either... partying is great and all, but like I want a girl that has a good head on her shoulders, that can be a lot of fun, but doesn't get in with the wrong crowd. plus, I hear party and I think of immaturity. so idk. either way its in both high school and college. but I feel that no doubt I'd have a better shot at success for the time being with younger girls.

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