So I've been seeing her for a month and then she disappears but........... "NEED OPINIONS"

So I've been seeing this girl for over a month. It was basically love at first sight kind of thing. She would text me every day and we would hang out every other day or so. This was steady for the entire month but I hadn't taken her on a date because I was broke at the time.

Then a day before I got my check she posted on her FB saying that "she hasn't been on a real date and was going to take herself out on one..." I saw it and I pretty much knew she was talking about me not taking her on one. Her friends noticed that too and told me that I should really take her on a date, I told them I really wanted to but I was broke but I said I would; long story short I found some cash and took her on a date that night!

So moving on several days I asked her out on another date, she said she couldn't make it. I said OK and the next day, I texted her what's up. Didn't here from her 2 days later and she replied sorry I've been MIA. I just been real busy. At this point I was like.. hmmmm I wonder what's going on. And I chatted with her for a bit.

Fast-forward 2 days or so I text her what's up, you want to go out? Then no reply again for a day. At that moment I'm thinking OK I think were done... I was sad but hey! Next thing you know I see on her FB status telling her friends that if she ever talks about being in a relationship that she should be slapped... I'm like WTF, I am pretty sure that it was directed at me unless she's dating someone else.. So I ask you of your opinion! THANKS!

One more thing our relationship from the start was on fire. Kissed after hanging out for the first time. Later in the week had sex and basically every time we saw each other we were very conversational and kissing.. So ya your opinions thanks!

for luciaa****** had been nagging me to come out and told her that I would call her afterwards and she reminded me that she was that time of the month I then told her that I just wanted to be with her. She said ok. BTW she had to visit her friends also..


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  • I have a couple of questions. What kind of a date did you take her on when you finally did? How did that go, was she happy, how did you feel? It seems to me that was the change for some reason. So maybe something happened that disappointed her so much it changed her whole perspective on you. Sometimes we can only see that everything is great and are over looking the small signs that the other person wasn't all that happy. Just a thought.

    • Well, I took her out to eat nothing to fancy just at Green Mill and then we headed over to go watch a movie. We were holding hands and she was resting her head on my during the movie. Then soon after that I took her home and she invited me up. We then proceeded to talk for a bit and started making out. I got on top of her and then she told me that we can't because it was her time of the month. So I kissed her a bit more and then told her that I had to leave to go see my friends because they had

    • Ok- well I would try to ask her out again at some point. The head on the shoulder thing sounds like she was really enjoying herself. The time of the month thing, well to be honest- I donno- I think I would have liked for you not to have left five minutes after she announced that. That might of made her feel bad, even if later you told her you just wanted to hang out. Unfortunately, she may just have been not too into the date, and after the wait, decided it wasn't what she wanted. Try again-

  • she probably got tired of it. how broke were u? a date doesn't have to be super expensive you know. applebee's has this 2 for 20 offer and you can watch a movie during the day when its cheaper. honestly I have broke up with a guy for this reason. think of how a girl might feel...the physical part of the relationship is there..ur connecting and having sex but you don't take her out on a date? to a girl that can feel like ur not that serious about her. when you finally took her out on a date I think she probably already was fed up at that point and it was too late

    • It's not that I am generally broke but I was broke for that month. I took her on that date because I felt bad that I hadn't due to my situation and I have taken her out to places just not a one on one date situations... After that first real date I got my check and was prepared to take her on more dates but she vanished....

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