Any first date ideas?

So I met a girl, but only very briefly the other day. Her looks just dazzled me. She was so attractive and just had everything I like. I guess I don't know her very well.but I still want to give a date a shot. She might be out of my league, I'm "cute" but not amazingly attractive. I'm not sure what she is in to. Or if she would be up for a relationship, or is just looking for more of a date/sex/just mess around type of deal. I just broke up with a Girlfriend 2 weeks ago, and I want to move on. School's out so I won't really be able to see her in school anymore. Any idea's of a first date I could ask her to?


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  • Your problem is you're giving this girl to much thought. Don't think about the future, think about the here and now.

    You just got out of a relationship, just flirt and talk to as many girls as you possibly can.

    If you devote to much thought when hanging, out around a female you might get nervous.

    Also don't doubt yourself half of spitting "the game" is being confident in your looks and your own abilities. If you don't have faith in yourself how can anybody else?


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  • Dinner! Hold off on the movies for now.unless you think she's even slightly interested in you. If you don't know or if you don't think she is, stick to dinner so you don't come off as a perv.

  • well as a girl who a lot of people find good looking and models, I would say I don't just go for typical good looking guys. Everyone has there types and maybe she is your type.

    i like tall, dark guys, but they need that something else for attraction. Deal breaker is if they are too into me and call me all the time as most guys are, so if you play hard to get it will make the girl take notice. They will also have to be funny.

    usually it folllows three catergories of rating, you will most likely to have competition so try to score high. You can of course get her by being low in one and good and others.


    popularity - if other girls like you, how many friends you have

    your personality - how compatible you guys are in humour, interests, etc.


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  • First off ask her over and ask her tell her you feel and then if you get a positive answer ask her to a first date to something simple like dinner and a movie.