Is Socially Acceptable to do Online Dating?

How do you view guys if we go to online dating sites? Do you have a negative view of the person? Is it socially acceptable?

If the guys is in the late 30s, does it make any different?


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  • In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with venturing into the online dating scene. And yes it is socially acceptable...Hello it's now 2010. Most people who do online dating have their reasons and for some they are sick of the bar/club scene, or they are just too busy with their jobs or life to go out and meet new people. From my own experience, I'm finding out that the guys online are also at the it just gives a different venue for potential dates and much cheaper when someone doesn't have to offer to buy drinks at first. With all of this said, you do need to use common sense and caution before agreeing to meet the girl/guy in person. Do your research on the them, ask them if they have Facebook, chat with them on the phone several times, meet in a public place first, and most of all use your gut instinct. If the person doesn't seem to be who they are when you meet them, well, just don't plan on a second date or meeting. And you mention your age, late 30s, that really has nothing to do with it and doesn't make it different...but the older you are, let's say upper 40s, and you have never been married, then some red flags may pop up for some, as to why no one has married them yet, so there just must be something wrong. I have been doing the online thing for about 8 months now...some good, some just never know, just like in the real world! Best of luck if you decide to join an online dating least set up an account and take a look around.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I have busy life style with work and others. I am not busy because of dating or girl. The circle that I am with does not have many girl-friends or at least the one match my preference. I am not good with dating also. I thought of go online to meet more so that I can be better pick and treat one when I actual meet one meaningful. It is not that I am a jerk. I have been reading that girl do not like "nice" meaning door mat or clingy. Thnx again.

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  • Yeah clearly it is to the girls you're meeting since they're also using it

    But I'm really nervous about online dating, who knows what weirdo (not you) is using the site. You're matched with someone you know nothing about, who could be lying to you even if you've chatted online or met in person a few times. It's scary and I would use it as a last resort.

    • Would you date and consider relationship with a guy that use online dating?

      I agree with your comment especially that I am not good with dating.

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