I dunk called my girlfriend now she feels weird?

Okay so first off I'm on vacation visiting home. I've been dating this girl for sometime now almost 6 months were not official but we're close. I'm not dating anybody else or having sex but only my girl. Anyways before I left me and her had sex and well she said it was amazing. I ate her out and she said I'm really good at it. Then she made a joke who else do you practice it on. Anyways I didn't say anything cause I know she was joking around at least I hope. So I'm back home and well I went out with my buddies for a drink I got really drunk and my friend was telling me hit on some girls and I was like no bro and he was like why you guys aren't official so do it. He then said his girlfriend of 7 years cheated on him and that's why I should do it blah blah blah. So girls started coming to us and I was drunk so I stepped outside for a bit... I gave my girl a call and i basically told her do you trust me and she was like yes why and I asked her if she thinks I'm faithful cause she sometimes says things that make me think I'm a bad guy. Then she said can we talk about this when you get back and I was like yes we can so I told her goodnight. Anyways she hasn't texted me or called and I worried that she probably thinks I did something. I was drunk and just didn't want to be around girls that were flirtatious with me. What should I do?
I dunk called my girlfriend now she feels weird?
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