My guy just vanished, what do I do?

Hello all, so i met this guy on tinder nearly 6 weeks ago went on 2 perfect dates.. he came to my city and had to stay overnight to see me the day after our first date... the thing is that he s not always on his phone ( i noticed it when we met) so he would text me everyday only three times or call me every two days at maximum ( i almost never initiated cause i knew he wouldn't be quickly responsive so i let him contact me) last Friday he invited me over to spend the weekend with him.. everything went well, we spent the night cuddling and kissing ( i told him i m not down with sex and he was totally fine with it), he held me and told me he wants to be in a relationship with me ( we had the Talk) he texted me the two days after, his last text was about his mom leaving his father ( i called him to blame him for not calling me the whole day and we had a fight he said he s already mad and i was making him more frustrated ) i said sorry over text and then next morning he sent : "Morning girl , its okay, have a good day. " and it has been 4 days that o havnt heard from him and he s not replying to any of my calls or text... what should I do? I have been crying myself to sleep every night now..


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  • I would suggest maybe u going over to his house and checking up on him. he must be upset. he could probably use comfort right now

    • I can't go to his house it s too straight forward i tried to reach him over the phone but i couldnt.. this all thing is weird for me

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    • think of the most likely times he'll be home. just cos he doesn't reply to your phone calls don't mean he just doesn't wanna see u.

    • I think I m going over to his house tomorrow I hope he wouldn't get more upset or anything cause he wouldn't be expecting me to come over at any circumstances.. but anyway I'll just try and see

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  • Just message him and ask how he is and show concern for his parents. Ask how they are. It shows you are taking an active interest in his life.

    In the past he's always initiated , so take the initiative and message him. Maybe he assumes you are indifferent towards him due to you never initiating contact.

    He's probably under a lot of pressure and anxious about his parents so be patient and understanding towards him. He'll be more upset and worried about his parents than he lets on to you

    • I ve called him three times and he didn't pick up , i gotta admit i ve sent some text where im practically yelling and showing im really mad at him and i even asked if he wants to end this whole thing.. still no response.. i m afraid he doesn't like me anymore and he s ditching me

    • Maybe he's distanced himself because you got angry at him. If he's upset about his parents just now, or anything else... he may be less tolerant of you yelling at him. If I'm upset my tolerance level woth other people goes down , maybe he's the same. I guess all you can do for now is "bide your time" He did seem to like you a lot so I'm sure he'll be in touch

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