Is my brother's friend into me?

So I met my brother's friend for the first time over 7 months ago at a university dinner party. I didn't really get to speak to him a lot other than just a casual "Hi, how are you.." etc. However, I did notice that he avoided keeping eye contact with me and would speak to everyone else a lot, except me. My brother's other friends were talking with me quite a bit. For some reason, I got a vibe that my brother's friend was avoiding me on purpose.

My brother recently joined instagram and started following me. My instagram was open for everyone to see and I've quite a few followers and pictures on there. Anyway, after my brother started following me and liking some of my photos, my brother's friend who I had met 7 months ago, added me on facebook a week after.

Why would he add me on facebook now instead of when he first met me 7 months ago? And why not just follow me on Instagram? His friend's list is hidden on facebook and so is mine.
Is my brother's friend into me?
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