If a guy tells you he had a lot of exes that left him/cheated on him what would you do?

My ex told me he had 4 long term girlfriends that all left him/cheated on him.
Later on in the relationship I learned he had a lot of flings and short term gfs too...
When I told him I was excited for fall and the holidays to cuddle, he said he's not because it's blanket season for him because he usually takes breaks or breaks up with his gfs around this time of year.

Well he broke up with me... but why would he foreshadow something like that as if he's expecting it?
Also, people were telling me if a guy says all his gfs cheated on him back to back like that, he's lying.

Is it true? He was my first relationship...

Would you guys break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or be suspicious?


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  • I think if it "always" happens to him as he claims it does then yeah naturally he would probably be a little more suspicious


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't really believe in that, after getting to know my boyfriend and hearing his past and seeing how these girls act out here. I can see why they left him. He wants long term and treats women with respect. These girls out here they wanted the opposite and my boyfriend has a bad boy vibe so girls will go to him and then break up with him. He had trust issues after dealing with those girls and it took me 4 months for him to trust me but I fell in love with him and let him push me away at times and now he doesn't do it anymore.
    The guy you were with he's just scared

    • Hm I think in your case yeah that's good.

      But my guy was scared yet disrespected me a lot. Broke up with me twice as well. I begged him to stay with me but he said he didn't want me so I just finally disappeared from him.

    • Being scared is okay, but he shouldn't have disrespected you though and breaking up with you, reading your story again and reading your comment. It's probably a good thing that you decided to disappear because my friend dated a guy that was cheated on a lot and he kept thinking she is flirting with other guys, she really loved him but she couldn't take it anymore. Sometimes it's best to realize that the person you are with now he/she can make you happy again. I know it's probably hard to but if he stayed with you and didn't disrespect you or think about what he usually do. He can be happy and it's like he wants to be miserable instead of being happy with you.

    • Hmm. Yeah I think there is some type of psychological deeper meaning going on with my ex. He was unhappy, he lied, he lead me on and more. Even when I was communicative to him. I wouldn't say I loved him. I did care deeply for him as a person, but the way he treated me and the fact he tied that into love crushed me. I don't know and I guess I will never know with him. He's out of my life permanently and I'm trying to let go and start new but it still hurts. It will always be in the back of my mind. I let him push me away but he literally yelled at me that he didn't want me so that's when I finally honored his wishes and disappeared by blocking him from everything.

  • Why did he break up with you?

    • 1st time was because he had mixed feelings even though he said he loved me multiple times.

      2nd time was because he lost the spark.

      Both times he said I was stressing him out because I was always questioning him and doubting him. I had my reasons to though.

      We only dated a month in a half.

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