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Been talking to a woman about 6 years younger than me for a few months, but she seems to have her life together like I do. She got mad at me a couple months ago because I told her I was deployed, and said "we can never be more than friends. ever." But now, she seems to be getting flirty again, texting me just about every day, video calls me at least once a week when she's not super busy. When we chat on video calls, she seems to laugh a lot and smile a lot, and full smiles like with her eyes involved too... She says things like "if I ever go to (insert country or state), you will be the first call I make ;)" and something to the effect of not wearing pants or the color of her underwear apparently. I'm just confused, because I don't know if this is just her thinking I'm a good friend and wants to have a close friendship with me (still long distances for now), or if she's warming up to the idea of giving me a chance at a relationship? I don't want to push things and come off as abrasive about a relationship...


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  • For now keep doing what you're doing and concentrate on having fun, don't fill your head with anything and lets things happen. I think she's extremely into you and doesn't know what she wants. Her brain says no but her heart says yes. Good thing for you girls tend to listen to their heart. That's why it's important to keep doing exactly what you're doing because the longer this goes on the more you'll win over her heart.


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  • She's just trying to have fun with you. She's cock-teasing you and she's enjoying it. It doesn't necessarily mean she is interested in being serious with you.


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