Does my ex still feel something for me?

Me and my ex broke up almost 3 months ago because at the end of the relationship he really seemed like he didn't care about me anymore. He kept texting me once a week after we broke up until i told him to stop. So he didn't text me until i texted him because i needed someone to be there for me while my parents were always getting into fights, and to be honest, i think i needed HIM. That happened like 1 week ago. Last night he texted me again, and we had a short but nice conversation. Im not over him yet, i still think about him and almost cry every day because i really miss him. But what does HE feel? I know from his friend that he has a crush on another girl, they aren t together, but why does he still contact me? if he wanted to get back together or be friends he would text me more often, wouldn't he? I'm really confused.
Does my ex still feel something for me?
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