I just want to stay friends?

A guy messaged me through facebook, we had mutual friends and we've been talking and he tries to flirt with me but I don't flirt back because I don't like him that way but one night he messaged me asking if I wanted to go on a date with him and out of panic I just said sure but I really would rather stay friends I don't want to hurt his feelings but I also don't want to date him what should I do?


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  • you just tell him your mind and don't Lead him on. Leading him on means you will let him think you like him which will make him pursue you further. It doesn't matter if it breaks his heart, you have to tell the truth, he's a man he should be able to take the hit. One of the most things i respected in girls is when they are always completely honest with me. One time i asked a girl out and she told me just in my face 'i really appreciate you asking me out and that's so sweat of you but i apologize you are not my type and i don't want to waste your time for nothing'. I appreciated all her honestly and liked her even more for what she did. Cause what other girls do, they lie, make excuses, don't respond to text, make more excuses and always say 'sorry i can't maybe next week'... etc. Which i find completely and utterly disrespectful and i prefer that a girl tells me "fuck off you are ugly" in the face that having to deal with the shyt that those girls do.

    • so yea, please just tell him what you HONESTLY think but in a nice way. that's all we guys need. to be turned down with respect.

    • Thanks, and yeah I definetly dont want to be rude about it or lead him on so I'll just tell him what I actually feel

    • there you go good job. i hope he takes it in a positive way.

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  • Contact him again and explain this to him. Please. Do not lead this guy on any more by going on a date with him. I know it's hard but I think it's selfish to make another person suffer just because YOU feel comfortable and less awkward about it. It's not fair.

    • for sure i never planned on not explaining to him what I thought about the situation I wouldn't do that to anybody i just wanted opinions on the situation

    • I think that's great then that you are that way :) You are doing the right thing even if it's tough :)

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  • I understand that you dont want to hurt his feelings and that you want to keep it strictly "friends only" between you two. But here's the thing, if you GENUINELY dont like him, then you're gonna have to tell him that and be very clear about it, because if that doesn't happen now, you're going to be sucked in by his emotional needs and you're gonna have to keep playing the game of acting like his so called "date".

    If you dont tell him now, he's gonna accuse you of "leading him on" later on when you do get fed up of this.

    I know because this has happened to me too, i was being "led on" by a girl when she actually just didn't want to hurt my feelings. The best thing you can do is tell him to move on and try to find another girl who shows interest in him :)

    Good luck :D

    • Haha thanks I know I totally don't want to lead him on and I haven't tried to but I just kinda got taken back when he asked that I just said sure but for sure I'll just tell him what it is I just didn't want to be rude

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  • just tell him you wanna be friends only