My crus removed me from social media?

Okay, so i've been into this guy for a couple of months after running into him through work, we don't know each other and I thought I'd send him a friends request on Instagram (maybe a silly thing to do) he immediatley accepted and sent one back, we never really wrote to each other or anything like that but I noticed he would look at my instagram stories when I posted. Last time was last night, now I suddenly realized that he's deleted me (i don't follow him neither does he follow me) not blocked, but yeah the same thing. I'm kind of heartbroken in a silly way because I don't know what i did do, i noticed he stoped following like 4 people and I'm one of them... I feel like a fool for even caring so much, like a teenager...


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  • You two do t talk or do anything. Why have you as a friend or whatever if your not going to do anything. Stop playing shy and let yourself be heard. Not saying you are. But you were totally came off as " look at me, I have nothing to do with you." But I know that's not your intent at all. You mean well. But you failed to express yourself.

    • Yes I get your point and you are probably right, I was just so afraid that I might get rejected or he might already be in a relationship or not interested... just didn't know how to approach him. Then again i'm not talking about a high school thing we both are in our 20's, he's in fact in his late 20's so I was afraid of coming of as childish or whatever... disturbing him you know?

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    • It happened cause you paid waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much attention to it. Like this one girl I liked. I knew her 1 day. After that I wished we talk more. When she was talking tons of other guys but pass by me like we never clicked I was hurt. I was like how da hell this happen. She moved and all is golden. But yeah our focus was in the wrong place.

    • Ugh that sucks :( glad it's good for you now. I hope I get over this soon as well (i know I will) but it's bittersweet... hope I won't run into him anytime

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  • He's either getting rid of people that he doesn't feel close to, or he probably has a gf/certain someone in his life now and doesn't want the distraction

    • Thank you x for your answer. Yes I have suspected that he could be in some sort of relationship although he has no signs on his feed that would assure that (no photos with her etc.) I just don't get why I among his 300 followers (that he does not seem to know either some of them) would be the one getting deleted, would be another thing if he only unfollowed but he also made sure I was unfollowing him... kinda sucks...

    • But why doesn't it suck exactly? You two don't know each other and don't talk to each other.
      After a month of no communication he probably removed you thinking you were going to make a move perhaps , especially since you reached out to hin first. If there wasn't a status change in his life this is most likely what happened. He saw you weren't reaching out and realized you weren't going to, so he moved on

    • Sorry didn't want my comments below to be misunderstood or to sound vain/stupid. I know it was possible that he'll remove me for some reason, and I know I should approached him I just was so afraid of him rejecting me because well he is a really good looking guy and does not seem to have a hard time with the girls. I also didn't know how to reach out and well was foolish enough not to try more. I don't know why i'm so butthurt right now, really wish i didn't care...

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