First date?

Okay, to be quite honest, I haven't been on a date in a long time. I am going on one in a couple days and I am not sure how to act! I don't know the guy too well so I'm scared it's going to be hard to make conversation. Any help or tips at all would be fabulous! :)


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  • Well I don't have much experience dating but this is what I have from my experience.

    I guess firstly it depends what you guys are doing? Is it just dinner? or is it a movie? walk? sport?

    Dont be too nervous, I'm sure he is as well - well I know he is going to be a little. But since you don't know one another then you can talk about your job, your family, plans for the summer, where you've grown up, what you want to end up doing in life, where you want to travel, hobbies, etc. That's just really basic stuff to get to know him a bit. Often times when there's good chemistry you find one topic you both like to talk about, and then new topics just pop-up during the convo that you didn't even think about before. If you are just going to dinner or something where you both will be in a position to talk to one another, and you both seem nervous - if you do like him a bit and would like to see him again - maybe suggest to go to a movie or a comedy club or something. And that gives you stuff to talk about afterwards.

    Dont put too much pressure on yourself. He sees something in you he likes already which is why he asked, this is just an opportunity to get to know one another or at least just have a good time. Its not like you guys are a couple now


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  • Well if it gets awkward then he obviously wouldn't be the best guy to date anyway. I would be frank if I were you. Ifyour bored then tell him, think of things to talk about ahead of time in case he is a dud. And always have a back-up plan! Ya know like you see in he movies where a friend calls and you gotta run to an 'emergency' lol just always be prepared for the worst. :) hope I helped!