He ghosted me and then came back?

So, this summer I was talking to this guy for a few months. We were flirting, staying up talking to each other, we had a lot in common and I thought we were going somewhere. But, then out of nowhere he just stops texting and I was just like ok.. that's weird. So, I texted him a couple weeks later saying, "hey" and he replied but, the conversation was such a drag. It was like we just met each other so, it was awkward. So I just left him alone and was just going to wait for him to text me first because he might have had stuff going on I don't really know (I just wanted to give him space).. A few months past and he snaps me a picture (yesterday) and I hesitated on opening it. So I opened it today and it was a picture of his Thanksgiving food? I didn't respond because I don't understand what he wants me to say 😂😂 It was a little random if you ask me so, if I could get any input that would be great!
He ghosted me and then came back?
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