I'm starting to see a girl who is a stripper. What should I do (she's a very good person)?

Okay so I recently starting seeing this girl who's 24 and I'm 21 and she has one kid. we went on our first date just this morning for breakfast and she knows what I do already (engineer technician) because we've been talking online on Facebook for a while and then she told me she was a stripper at a club but she wanted to find another job already. Everything was smooth other than that. I'm not going to lie. it did bother me a little bit. But she lives in an apartment and has a kid and the dad left them.
I'm not going to lie, I got along with her very well. She told me I was the only guy who she's successfully been on a date with because the kid turns everybody off. He's 2 years old by the way and I got along with him too. I made him laugh a lot and made him stop crying. I can tell she likes me a lot and is really interested in me. But I don't know about her career for me. Opinions?


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  • If you cannot stand what she does for living, then you should break it off before it starts getting too serious.

    • She's wanting to quit but needs financial security which is what I would bring to her life.

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  • Stripper is just another job. I don't see a problem with it (other than it being dead end, how many 35-40yo strippers do you know?). Unless of course you are the jealous/overprotective type (even though most strippers' tippers aren't allowed to touch other than putting bills in her garter belt, in states where topless is allowed, most states are prudes when it comes to that so put them behind a barrier and make them wear pasties). To each their own. Having a kid would be the deal-breaker for me in that scenario.

    • the kid doesn't bother me. I'm financially stable

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    • nah she's in really good shape

    • The hormonal changes usually hit around 30 or so (did with my last ex, who was actually pretty hot at 24 and simply omitted the fact she had a kid that was adopted until much later). Keep your fingers crossed.

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