Can I get a female perspective?

I will try to make this short as i can seeing as this is a prelude to my Take/Rant coming up very soon, i want to hear the Other (female) side of the story first.
When i was in middle school, i liked a few (lot of) girls, but none of em ever gave me the time of day or friend zoned me, basically, no one cared, not her, not her girl friends, hell, not even my friends.
Then in high school i blew up, got taller, buffed up and my acne cleared up, then all of a sudden i start hearing of all these girls "liking" me and then people start trying to get me to ask them out, thing is, I Didn't Like THEM. then i start hearing things like "man up" and crap like that, but the thing is, i didn't like them. Then those girls turned around and start hating me. No one went to the girls i liked n told them to "woman up".
Now, the point, i would have thought that years later, this strange phenomenon would have changed and women (not those girls) would have realized the world doesn't revolve around them, but i still seem to be in this battle where a girl likes me and I turn her down because i know its not gonna work then they get mad, and just hate me. This is in a world where I have approached girls i was genuinely interested in and been shot down, I didn't cry about it, i just moved on.

So my question is, girls why do you start bitching if a guy doesn't like you? its not automatic, why can't you look at it from YOUR perspective when you turn down Bobby Joe because you have eyes on Johnny Jock? Now Johnny Jock turns you down and you get mad and forget you recently just made Bobby Joe feel the same way.
In some cases when the guy actually does "ask" the girl out, then there is a break up, then she goes "he just wanted me for sex" FORGETTING the fact that HE didn't want/like YOU in the First place. YOU forced it. Why do you girls do this? Its childish n petty.

(lol, the names depicted in this question are fictional, and i apologize, i guess it wasn't short as I thought heheπŸ˜‡πŸ˜Ž)
Can I get a female perspective?
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