How to stop crushing on someone whom I work with?

There is a girl at work who i've had a crush on since day 1 i met her however i didn't try anything as i have (or should i say had) a personal rule about not dating anyone who work in the same company / in the same building as i do. However by the time i talked myself into "living a little" she was already dating a co-worker (who is a bit of a twat)

I don't want to steal her from him (as much as i might want to and as much as i believe he doens't deserve a girl like her) i very rarely speak to her and distance myself from her on purpose yet i've still got a crush on her and it's been almost a year since i met her. How do i stop this as it's beginning to affect my daily work


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  • Meet/talk to more females and stop idolizing her in your head.

    • Here's the thing i am a naturally flirty person and i'm good at it, in fact i'm currently 'trying' for someone now. My problem is that the situation i'm in hits quite close to home as the last time something like this happen i fell in love with the girl and got depression for 3 years i wound up hating the guy and couuldn't even stand mentioning his name, i think some of that residual anger / lust for the girl has been subcionsiuly transffered into this situation...

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