Would u say dating is a power game?

Went out with this guy for a while. I messed up (not cheating) and i apologized and I decided that it was better we not be together. He wanted to make things work. I did not.

We separated for a few months and the whole time he would not stop calling or texting me. Finally I accepted to reconnect with him. I always asked him if things were good between us, if he forgave me. And he said it was all good. He even made jokes about it.

I thought things were going great. Until we got into a very charged emotional argument. He brought up what I did even though it was over a year ago and broke up with me. And he won't see me anymore and acts very salty when we talk. My friend said it's because the tables have turned and he has the power now, he ended it on his own terms. I'm hurt.

What do I do in a situation like this? Would u say dating is a power game?


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  • It's a power game for those that make it such. What you do is quit worrying about could've shoulda woulda. You made your decision.


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  • He probably acted like it didn't matter, then in a weak moment, he brought it up and he couldn't handle being with you anymore. It happens during arguments.
    Yes, dating can be a power game in certain situations.


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  • Yes, traditional dating is a negotiation based on the girl's looks, mainly, and her family background, secondarily, and the guy's money and family background, primarily. It's a meat market... That's why people are rejecting traditional dating now. Me, I stopped at 17, made me gag... most of the girls in hs were Trump tramps dating older guys with money...

  • Any social situation of any kind is a power game. Even between best friends you have one that is on top and the other that's always backing down.

    Dating is no different. Regardless of how much they seem to love each other and how equal they claim to be, there's always one that's on top. You just need to look hard enough.

    My advice is to care less about your friends' and partners' feelings and learn to be less dependent on their approval.

    • I'm just very inexperienced haven't dated a lot. It just surprised me that he brought it up and used it to break up with me. When for 3 months he was acting like everything was good between us

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    • yes I get it. thank you

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