Help me get over him?

I met a guy at work months ago, and i started liking him. i then found out he had a girlfriend but unfortunately continued to flirt with him since he convinced me that they weren't going to last and that he didn't see himself staying with her long. we started having sex and had a thing going on but only during work days. We never texted or saw eachother on the weekends. a couple of days ago i found out his girlfriend and him broke up and i was a bit upset that he didn't tell me. he still doesn't try to see me or text me or anything outside of work, and it really bothers me. i know he's no good but I still have feelings for him. i stopped having sex with him but i can't stop myself from flirting or kissing him whenever i get the chance. i just know i need to get over him but its hard since we work together and i really like him. he says he likes me but doesn't prove it. i feel like he's more talk than anything
Help me get over him?
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