Should I be a creep?

My *first* ever crush was this guy who is related to a family friend of ours. We were kids so it was innocent, I liked him for 5 years & pretty sure he liked me too even though I was weird and tubby haha. We never said it but it was just obvious lol we spent a lot of summers and holidays together and it was fun then he moved away & never saw him again. Two years ago he asked about me when his cousin visited him but I don't have social media (I still don't really) & had no cell then so yea that was that.

Right now his uncle is visiting us and while helping him with his phone transferring contacts & stuff.. I stumble across him and he looks the exact same haha :P except he's a grown man and wears glasses now (so do I lol!)

Anyways so I'm tempted to get his number now and text him. I'm not trying to date, I just wanna see how he's doing and stuff. Basically just wanna catch up. Would that be super creepy? How would you react? Should I just stay away? Lmao help me!
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I'm not doing it lmao too chicken
Should I be a creep?
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