How do I deal with this?

hello this is my first post on here by the way, this requires a story there might be a TLDR I don't know. hi I'm a kid in high school (sophomore) and I have/had a crush on this girl wince the beginning of freshman year. I asked her out about a year ago and she said yes. buuut she kinda just dipped out for the date. she gave me the my mom asked me to do something which was total bs. I asked her out again but she politely declined. problem is she gave my mixed signals for a good 3 weeks. so I just said fuck it bye bye girl and told her straight up if there is no date don't bother doing that crap. argument ensued. we kinda just ignor3d each other for a few months. summer ended and we started talking again. we became pretty good friends, I found out I would defintley like being her friend and I was fine with that. a month ago she started doing her mixed signals crap and I asked her out again. this time she said yes and actually showed up. we saw a movie etc blah blah whatever. except she was completely withdrawn during the whole thing. I tried texting her and meeting up with her after school to find out what happend. another argument ensued after I got Hella frustrated that she ignored me for a few days after I'm positive she saw the messages. I got angry and kinda blurted all my feelings and emotions in a convoluted text which she actually responded. I thought ok cool now we can sort this out and I won't have enough to deal with this crap anymore. except now she completely ignores everything again. the real problem is I don't want to pursue anyone else in my school. don't get me wrong there are lots of hot girls but she is the one for me.
how do I deal with this?

tldr: went on a date and it was super awkward as she was super withdrawn. tried to talk to her about it and she ghosted me. I sent a super risky text with all my emotions (anger love etc) which was super stupid imo) she actually responded and I want to continue talking it out but she ghosts me again.
How do I deal with this?
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