What is physical attraction?

I've struggled with my sexuality for a while now. I've always identified as heterosexual. After a recent conversation with a friend, however, I've come to realize that asexual/aromantic may be more apt terms to describe how I feel.

What I truly struggle to grasp, I think, is the concept of physical attraction. I don't think I've ever been physically/sexually attracted to anyone. When I've had "crushes" in the past, my "fantasies" have always been strictly platonic - maybe dreaming about going to a museum together, or walking through the park on a nice afternoon. I'm not prudish or sheltered by any means. I'm capable of being aroused (I do masturbate), but the thing is, I'm more aroused by the concept or premise of having sex rather than the idea of having sex with another person. Even when I touch myself, I never, ever imagine doing these things with a partner - the idea of someone else touching me almost repulses me.

When I've kissed men in the past, the sensation was strange - I felt nothing physically (no spark, no desire, etc.) In terms of sensation, it felt like the equivalent to hugging or getting a high-five, haha. I can admire when people are aesthetically good-looking. For instance, I'll see a man in a coffee shop and think to myself, "Wow, what a handsome guy." But my heart never skips a beat, I never feel any desire for him ("tingles," longing/pining, etc.), I never fantasize about touching him/being touched by him. My friends, on the other hand, say it's normal for them to fantasize about a celebrity sexually or to even have sexual dreams about guys they're into.

TL;DR How would you describe physical attraction? Is my thought process regarding attraction "normal"? How do you feel when you see someone "attractive" on the street - what goes through your head?
What is physical attraction?
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