Although she was acting this way towards me for months, do think she wanted to continue our relationship outside of the workplace or not?

For 4 months, this girl would act the following way to me

1) She would tell me I’m awesome
2) After I assist her, she says I’m very helpful and say Thanks.
3) I usually send her an email starting off with Hello and she responds with Hi but once I sent a her an email starting off with Hey and she instant messaged me with a Hey also.
4) She saw me at a store and she jumped and screamed my name.
5) When I was assisting a friend, she offered to buy me candy and offered me coffee. When I declined the offer, she came in looking upset.
11) She called me and asked If she was bothering me by contacting me so much.

I was assisting her and we sat next to each talking about school, work. The next day, she sent me a chat and gave me her cell phone number asking me to please call her with a smiley face emoji

I texted her 5 days so she responded with “what can I help you with”

The next day, she started avoiding and stopped talking for 2 months.

She even saw me in the hallway and she put her hand over face and looked down and walked away when I looked at her.

2 months later she sent me an email with Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face emoji.

Few days later she saw me in the elevator randomly said she said it’s been a while and she said I was stalking you and I said she said See ya later but she didn’t respond.

Few days later, I went to her to assist her and talk to her but she didn’t seem to be too happy and she said See ya later.

1 week before I left the company, I told her through chat that I was leaving the company and she said Thank you for your help and said I didn’t know you were leaving!

The day before my last day, I went to up to her and started talking to her and she was smiling the whole time and then I started talking to other people and I noticed that she walked away.

When I left her floor she waved bye.

On my last day, there was no contact from her and it’s been a week since I left the company.


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  • I do not think she wanted a relationship. She was just being friendly and polite.


What Guys Said 2

  • ıt seems so

    • What do you mean by it seems so?

    • ı mean she may wants to have a relationship

  • sounds like she was just being polite

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