What can I do make guys approach me?

so i get checked out fairly often, i don't think the problem is my looks?( check out my first question, there are photos) but since i never really get any male attention outside from stares i wonder if maybe it is my looks? i feel so unwanted all the time because everyone else has boyfriends or at least guys interested in them and i don't. i know i seem and look older than a senior in high school so i wonder if that could be it as well? i have also been told i carry myself very maturely for someone in high school and have been mistaken for being 20-21 very often. i'm not even mad about high school guys not being into me because i wouldn't want to date anyone in high school or really under the age of 20. basically i just want to know what i can do to improve my success with guys.
What can I do make guys approach me?
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