Tinder girl flaked, what should I do?

So I was supposed to have a date with a tinder girl today, but it looks like it's a flake. She's super hot so I was really looking forward to seeing her and I don't want to give up just yet. Here's the text convo starting from yesterday (we only texted once before when we first matched and we set up the date which she seemed excited about):Tinder girl flaked, what should I do?

Also, I know I fucked up the convo (I thought she wanted to reschedule for the morning) but that's because I was runing an errand and was distracted when I replied back. What would you do in my shoes? I know it doesn't look good, but she's smoking hot so I really want to see her.

Well id doesn't matter anymore, she unmatched me for whatever reason. Man, I was so excited to see her too.
Well holy shit. She actually just messaged me apologising over and over again and asking if we could reschedule. Obviously, I agreed. Wow, did not see that coming. I had deleted her number too. Fuck I'm so excited, this chick is ridiculously gorgeous (blonde, tall, fit, hourglass shape, and is an anchorwomen for a small channel so she obviously has a stunning face)! She's definitely going to be the most attractive girl I've ever been on a date on and I've been around the block.


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  • not ruined. she just sounded busy. and was not phased by your misreading her text. she probably got a good chuckle from it. hope the date goes well!

    • Thanks! She still hasn't replied back to when's a good day/time for her since the text from last night, but I'm fairly sure that's just because it was Saturday night and she was probably busy (I actually know that she was busy because she couldn't plan the date we were supposed to have at that time) so I'm not too fussed, she'll probably end up texting later on today.

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    • are sure she's not a bot? doesn't even seem likes she's communicating appropriately. I heard those dating sites use fakes to lure people in. I don't use them at all.

    • no she's real, I've been texting her and she's texted me things that no bot ever would. It just looks like she wasn't interested enough.

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  • in my opinion, your conversation sounds forced and over the top. It sounds like you're too keen which is obviously a big turn off for any hot woman. Oh well. She didn't meet the real you, only a projection of your insecurities. On to the next 👍

    • I am VERY keen to see her and I know that's a turn off and I've done my best to play it cool. Seriously EVERYTHING was smooth up until those last few texts. Believe it or not I do have game haha, this girl though is just an utter bombshell (she's a 9.5 dude and I'm picky as fuck) so that's why I fucked up a bit. I know I'm very good at first dates so if she doesn't flake out again I know I can charm her.

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    • So after sending me a message apologising and asking me if we could reschedule and me accept her apology she hasn't texted back since yesterday evening. Just think it's weird, don't know what to do. For now I'm taking a step back and maybe contacting her in a couple days? Thoughts?

    • She might have personal issues holding her back... there could be all sorts of shit going on in the background

  • you didn't fucked up the convo by over texting her but by. rescheduling.

    • I actually sent her another text too after that last one. It went something like this:

      Hey, I wasn't going to contact you again since you flaked, but I feel the need to because I think there was some confusion. I thought you wanted to reschedule the date for the morning that's why I said what I said. If that's the case I apologise, if not, best of luck to you ;).

      The only reason I sent that text was because I can see how she could have misunderstood and just thought that I didn't want her to confirm just because I was busy which sounds crazy. At that point I literally had nothing to lose, so fuck it why not. It seemed to work.

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