Girls, Im 31, never got good at dating, and still struggle to get dates. Im at a pt where im ready to give up. Should I give up?

All my family members are taken and I've never had a girlfriend. I know im doing someone wrong cause i can't "pickup or a approach a girl to save my life." With my age and lack of experience dating women, im looking into transitioning to a girl as a serious possibility. Should i transition or work on my confidence and pray for a miracle? At this pt, im given up hope in women as im just an average tall guy and dont have good looks or money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mike


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  • Do what you think is best, but you won't be able to date girls unless you can be comfortable with them.
    Forget about the dating part for a moment; have you ever had female friends? This shouldn't be much different from male ones, fundamentally.

    • I do have a few female friends but it hasn't gotten me any dates so far

  • transition into a girl for that reason-? you're deciding to be gay? something deeper going on here. maybe the girls you are going after think you're not into them. how do you approach? what's your style?

    • Im not good at approaching women. Most of tge time i just introduce myself and walk away because the women dont seem to be interested in me.

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    • and also transgender with a desire to become a girl

    • why do you think you might be gay? don't say because you have bad luck with women.