Guys - would you do this if you are interested? Or could there be other reasons?

I'm asking as I find this guy abit hard to read. He's abit sneaky and he'd sometimes appear in areas around the office where I don't expect him to be. We "bump" into each other a lot and he does quietly look into my office when he passes sometimes.

Also, I know he tends to observe/stare at me quite abit. When we pass each or even at a distance. In the past, when we had eye contact, he'd look away. But one fine day, he bumped into and smiled, and after that he seems abit "bolder" at holding eye contact, staring in a more obvious manner.

He also likes doing stuff to attract my attention. Like talking loudly or making some sort of noise when he knows I'm around but isn't paying attention to him

You think?


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  • there is no reason


What Girls Said 1

  • He might fancy you, but there is a possibility that he may did that in order to be polite.

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