Not sure what to do or if he really likes me?

I have fancied my friend for ages now - after I told him how I really felt we started hanging out more , making out etc. Neither of us want to ruin the friendship so had been taking things slow so aren't technically a couple yet.

Now the other night we were meant to be going out and he dropped out at the last min I was a little pissed with him and we had a stupid argument.
Last night I told him I think we are better of better back as just friends as I don't think he wants to be seen dating me and I feel I just annoy him. He got upset and kept asking if I was ok and started to tell me he really cares for me etc but he doesn't want me to get hurt.

So now I'm confused I do love him and we do get on really well but want him to make a bit more of an effort. I know he was hurt by a girl in the past but I'm not like her and he knows that.


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  • At this point it would be good to take a break for a fixed time.. say a month... jus so you both can get over this argument and whatever tension has built up that led to it.

    People traumatized in past relationships are always not communicative at times.


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  • I'd say he probably likes you back. What was your argument about?