Girls, Girls : Is that possible for me to have a girlfriend?

Am i attractive?

What fits me better?

Shorter or longer hair? Both of them?

I don't have a girlfriend, i don't find in my country...

Girls don't seem to be attracted to me lol...

Shorter hair :

Longer hair :

Thank you very much for your opinions!


Maybe i'm ugly looking, maybe i don't please girls physically et that's why i'm alone.


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  • you're not bad, you can get a girlfriend, but you are going to need to overcome your shyness and you are going to need to be resilient enough to sustain some rejections. Just because you get rejected a few times doesn't mean you aren't good enough to get a gril, it just means those were not the ones for you.

    • Why do you say i'm going to need to be resilient enough to sustain some rejections lol?

      Thank you for your answer! I still don't find.

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    • You're right and then i'll die of an heartattack lol.

    • yeah what you said

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  • Your hair looks the same in both, and I'd say based on your looks alone, you're good enough to get a girlfriend.

    • Thanks! Sometimes, i really wonder if i'm ugly looking to girls you know lol... They don't look at me... And i don't dare to talk to them... I'm always afraid of being rejected if i make the first move...

    • If you're afraid to talk to them then that's probably why you don't have a girlfriend. There's nothing to be afraid of. Are you shy?

    • Yeah a little shy. I had tried to make the first move with two girls in the past and it hadn't worked...^^ They weren't interested...

  • of course there is nothing inherently wrong with your appearance. if you're having trouble, perhaps it's a confidence/shyness issue. you just need to smile and seem relaxed. you have no reason to feel you couldn't get a girl though if youdo that.

  • why you are not talking?

    • Ah you would have prefered me to talk?^^ I'm a little shy...