What should I do? I've befriended someone I like?

So, there is this guy, and we just recently gotten to know each other. We are in college, both freshmen and have know each other as acquaintances up until a couple of weeks ago. We became closer, hung out more and he confessed that he's always had a crush on me. He admitted that he found out my favorite TV show, and watched it just to talk to me. He's always texting me--always.
Now, the thing is, he just broke up with his girlfriend a few months ago and is emotionally damaged from all that, but admitted that he really likes me and isn't ready to step until another relationship. Now, yes, I have admitted my feelings for him after he admitted his first, and told him, I too just gotten out from a relationship and am not ready to spring until another, but lately, I've been finding myself wanting to with him because of our connection. We are openly honest with one another and he's told me whenever we are together, he forgets about everything--but he's scared. I am, too. And, the other night, I comforted him through an enmotional breakdown he had, as a friend, but I find myself loving him more and more each time. At this point now, I don't know what to do. Should I set my romantic feelings aside for him and work on our friendship, or should I move on and just be his friend? He just makes me so happy and I know I make him happy because whenever we are together, we can never stop laughing, and that's all I ever want him to do is laugh.
Oh, and the other night, when he was dropping me off at my house, he leaned in like he wanted to kiss me, but I happened to turn away and he kissed my head. I didn't know if was trying to kiss me--kiss me, or it was just something he wanted to do, either way I didn't get it. I made fun of it and said "you missed." And he laughed and said "you're so low!" And I pointed to my cheek and he kissed me and leaned close to my lips but freaked out I guess and ended up not kissing me.

Or since we are so honest with eacother, should I bring it up?

What should I do? I've befriended someone I like?
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