I got into a fight with the girl I like, what should I do now?

So I was texting the girls I like whom I am getting mixed signals from, anyway out of the blue she contacted me last night around 9pm and she telling me some hidden secrets of her's and problems she faces. I tried to be the good guy and listen but then she went on about ending her life, I tried to cheer her up but she continued repeating it so I gave her the honest truth which was pretty harsh on her to be honest but it needed to be said ( no need for details).
Anyway after that she said "I never expected this from you" and said goodbye.

Now I am pretty pissed because she let herself get effected too easly by the problems in her life, yes I like this girl a lot but I also value her friendship... she means a lot to me, so should I take swallow the bullet and apologize to her or let her come to me?


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  • I think you should talk to her, face to face not through texts... Tell her that you were harsh because you care about her... In fact, just say exactly what you wrote here "Now I am pretty pissed because she let herself get effected too easly by the problems in her life" and "I also value her friendship"... I think she will understand!!

    • I wish I could do that, I am currently oversees and won't be back for a month...

    • oh :( I've kind of been there! How about skyping?

    • So after finally swallowing up my ego I skyped her and she replied fast.
      I explained to her just like you said and apologized, she then explained her side and I quote she said 'I couldnt sleep whole night thinking about what you thought of me' and then I told her what I think of her didn't change ( thats the truth ).
      We talked for a while after and when I told her I gotta go to sleep she asked me if I can forget everything she told me that night, I told her I can't and she doesn't need to worry as my thought of her won't change. She said to give her time because she feel weird if she meet me face to face...

      What do think of this and what should I do? should I really just move on before I get too attached...

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  • You realise you're so deep in the friendzone you might aswell look for oil?

    The moment she unloaded her BS "i wanna kill myself" sob stories on to you is the moment she declared a complete lack of interest. You did so well by finally putting your foot down and not putting up with her crap... don't ruin it all now by crawling back to her like a pet dog.

    • Thanks for your reply.
      So your suggestion is to wait and see?

    • Yeah, just wait. Or hell - talk to other women, girls like this aren't worth the effort.

  • apologize her

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