Once a Week Boo?

So, I've been dating a guy for just about 3 months now and I only see him once a week. He has called me EVERY DAY faithfully for the past 90 days, but the dates only come once a week. I never have to call him or ask him out, but I see him getting comfortable and now assuming that my Saturday night will be free for him. I think one night a couple weeks ago I brought up the fact that the once a week thing wasn't for me, but I think he might have dodged a little. From what I remember (unfortunately I was a bit intoxicated) he asked if I thought it was because I was in a live in relationship previously, told me that when he talked to his mom every Sunday she would remark that he "must like me cause he saw me a lot", and told me that work is super stressful and he's not very talkative afterwards and might act a little funny if I saw him.

So what should I do? I'm confrontational and spiteful by nature so my instinct is to confront, sober this time of course, and tell him it's not working for me. Or, wait it out a couple weeks, do some hinting, and see if anything happens. This situation is complicated a bit by the fact that I work a unique schedule. I work 7 days in a row x 12 hours, then the next week I'm off, which means I work 2 weekends a month. The other source of my frustration is that he wants to see me on Sat when he's off, but I'm stuck seeing him when I'm working and going into work very tired. Other pertinent information, we have slept together a couple times now, but I held out for 2 months trying to get to know him. But now I feel I should stop putting out cause I don't want to sleep with someone when the relationship isn't progressing - I thought it was moving forward when I finally put out...

Once a Week Boo?
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