How can guys get over fights easier/faster than girls?

My boyfriend gets over things really easily. We got into a big fight last night, and some things were said that made me assume he broke up with me. We were fighting by text. I email him to apologize about some of the things I said, and asked if we could talk in person. I also told him how his actions made me feel. He never responded to the email. But he emailed asking if we were still going to an event we both planned for the next day. He acted like ... nothing happened. So I played along thinking maybe he needs time. We talked on the phone to plan this event, and I could tell he was still upset because he started getting upset over a misunderstanding, and so I started getting upset, until we eventually started talking about last night.

He said he will get over it. I was hurt too, and when I said I can't get over it that easily he said if I choose to be mad about it forever then that's my problem. Why is he being a jerk? When I said I still wanted to talk in person, he said, you just want to make a whole production over this whole thing, and that he didn't want to talk about it in person anymore.

I feel like he doesn't care about me anymore. I don't like how he's acting, and how he's treating me (since we've been arguing a lot lately). So, I'm going to this event tomorrow, with him his friend and my friend. I don't know what to do and how to act. I'm hurting.


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  • you need to understand the finesse of a guy and where you want to draw the line between honesty and respect...guys compartmentalize emotions whereas women tend to just throw everything into one basket...if you want resolution about a specific thing, take care of it right there and then, because once you move on, the past is the past


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