My girlfriend hung out with my best friend?

dvice My girlfriend is hanging out with my best friend tonight. She said it would be better if I didn't come... So I've been dating my girlfriend for about two months. She is new in my neighborhood and she recently started hanging out with my best friend (a guy who we will call friend X). They've become sorta close. Now I trust her and obviously friend X is my best friend for a reason so cheating isn't even an issue. What is an issue is this: Tonight she said she is going to hang out with with friend X (I had no idea about this). I said that sounded fun and asked if I could come. Here is where I get a little upset. She said that she was worried about a third wheel situation with him and that it may be better if I didn't go. Before I could talk to her more about it she said she had to go quickly because one of her old friends was on the other line but we would talk later. Now, I have plans with her tomorrow but how should I take what she said to me? I really do not want to talk to friend X about it if I don't have to and so far her hanging out with him isn't endemic. This is really the first time something like that has happened so it stood out. I'm also worried about what would happen if me and my girlfriend were to break up and she is now friends with my best friend. All advice is appreciated. edit- spelling
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I forgot to put the part where she said that it would be best if "I didn't come"
My girlfriend hung out with my best friend?
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