My I like my FWB?

I really like this guy but he just wants to be friends with benefits. But he is telling me to do stuff I dont want to do. He doesn't force me but is a little pushy. But I really like when we are together. (Not s*x, just mak*ng out) by the way im 13. Advice?

But I REALLY REALLY like it when were making out... But sometimes I feel kinda guilty and kinda like a sl*t becuse he just got a girlfriend but he told me that if it for some reason doesn't work out, he'll be glad to be my friend with benef*ts again. But we were still texting when he got a girlfriend... I honestly feel like a sl*t


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  • tooo young be hanging out with guys! you need to focus on your studies girl!

    • I know but I REALLY REALLY like this guy and I do obviously keep my studies first.

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  • You're young, you have plenty time for guys and friends with benefits. Most guys that want to be friends with benefits won't budge or change their minds unfortunately. Some guys just don't like commitment - friends with benefits is a way for them to get what they want without the commitment. You have two choices: be down for friends with benefits (no feelings involved) or walk away. Either way someone will get hurt which sucks but that's just how these things work and it sucks. I lost a good guy friend from friends with benefits.

    • why did you try friends with benefits without being loved? being loved would satisfy you much more than having sex tho

    • @Iamhereee this isn't about me so why does it matter?

    • i just wondered.

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  • Seriously...


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  • I don't think any 13 year old should have a friends with benefits its dangerous, just be careful. Don't let anyone take advantage of you