When is a good time to make things official?

So I started talking to this guy on a dating app about a month ago. ( I know I know ) I am busy with school and work... (don't have time to go out. ) I stopped talking to him for some reason and then recently reconnected after he Msged me again a few weeks later. We just met in person about a week ago. He's really sweet, and definitely wants the same things I do. ( as in to date with the intention of marriage some day. Not into hook ups ) obviously I am aware that it takes time to get to know someone before things become official. We both want to take things slow. How long should I wait until he wants to make things official? Any advice on how I would know when this guy is ready for commitment? No rude answers please! I'd just like advice, so I don't waste my time :)
When is a good time to make things official?
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