How to Tell If He's Friendly or Flirty?

Like this guy in college always smiles and waves at me (we've only talked a few times)
- Invited me to lunch with a few friends
- Always tries to start conversation with me
- Asks a lot of questions about me
- And talks to me only when we are in a group of friends

Like I dont know if he's being friendly or flirty?
How can I tell? Anything to watch out for?
I mean I did notice him once looking at me from the side of his eye as his friend, standing next to me, was trying to talk to him?
But I'm so confused.


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  • Yes he likes you. Watch his body language for cues, his pupils will dilate, his body will always be aimed towards you, he will constantly keep watching you (because he's attracted to you physically) he may also be kind of clumsy around you.

  • i have same situation, like this guy, but i don't know if i like this girl or i am just flirting :D


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