He still has his ex wife on his fb?

I recently met a guy through an online dating site. He has told me that he is recently divorced (earlier this year) after a brief (less than 2 years) marriage. He has said he is looking for a serious relationship, but when I checked out his fb he still has all their pictures together on it? Should I be concerned that he might not have moved on yet?


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  • I might not be the best guy to answer this, but I don't think you should be concerned at all. In fact, you should be supportive. I went through a pretty ugly divorce and because of it, I find myself romanticizing situations where a divorced couple is able to be civil or even friendly to each other. I had this friend, David and he and his wife got divorced several years ago. They're on great terms. She got the cat in the divorce and a few years ago, the cat had to be put down. They went to the vet together and were both in the room when the cat was euthanized. They said their goodbyes, wept together, and blah blah blah. His girlfriend was REALLY jealous about it but he felt that what she was really jealous about was that she and her ex-husband are on really bad terms.

    So yeah, I suppose it's possible that he's still nailing his ex-wife, and the hypocritical thing is that if it were an ex-girlfriend, I would tell you to be really cautious. But a divorce is not a break up -- it's serious business. I would give this guy the benefit of the doubt and like I said, even encourage that he has a good relationship with her, particularly if kids are involved.

    • Well from what I understand they would not be sleeping together since they live 3 hours apart (he moved after the divorce) and she cheated on him, so I am going to assume it was probably not the best break up.

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    • No, but that's my point. I had a really bad divorce. The fact that this guy is able to have a good relationship with his ex-wife is something that I commend. After going through a really bad one (domestic violence charges, psychiatric evalations, parenting evaluations, over $200k in legal fees, etc.), I'm hesitant to criticize a couple who are making their post-divorce relationship work in a seemingly positive manner.

      I mean, ok, maybe he's still screwing her. I just want to give these two the benefit of the doubt and say that you shouldn't jump in that direction because it sort of rewards bad divorces by demonizing a good one.

    • The rebound question, absolutely. THAT is a legitimate concern on your part. If the divorce is really recent, then I would definitely say that you're likely a rebound.

  • Yea be concerned, there's no reason for him to have his recent ex wife on any of his social media sites. If they wee married for two years, I'm sure he was with her for a few years before that. There's no way he's already over her. Run for the hills while you're not attached yet.

    • Yeah, I noticed that the vast majority of pics were the two of them together and he only had 2 profile pics that aren't with her. He occasionally mentions her in conversations (like talking about a band and he mentions they went to a concert and it was good). Which is fine, don't get me wrong if you are with someone for years I expect to mention some things you did with them (like moving from the east coast to the west coast for the job they got, and random concerts and such), but it's all the pics that concern me.

    • He hasn't moved on, our body chemistry doesn't allow us to forget that easy, unless he never loved her, but then why would he still have or pics and why would he have them in the first place if he didn't love her at all? Give the guy another year before he finally lets her go enough to where he can actually focus on another relationship, otherwise you're just the rebound.

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