Girls, has any of you ever rejected a guy only to end up dating him later on if you still remained friends after the rejection?

I just kindly got rejected by a female friend of mine. She made the excuse that things are complicated right now but that it has nothing to do with her ex. I know things ended quite badly with her ex both that was like 4 months ago. I haven't known her for a very long time but we would always text each other and she would tell me a lot of her secrets about her life. We had a lot in common and shared a lot of the same interests and we seemed to be growing closer to each other. She even agreed to watch a romantic movie with me when it comes out so i assumed that she must like me, but as soon as i mentioned the word date, she turned me down.

could do with some more answers


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  • It's possible to happen in your situation. Just keep in touch with her. She simply may not be ready to date again. Maybe things ended badly with her ex and know she is hesitant to date.

    • i assumed so as well but then why would she say that it has nothing to do with her ex. She's usually open with me so i don't know why she would try to hide something like that. It wouldn't be a big deal for me

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    • You're welcome. Will do!

    • Sorry that was funny

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  • Most girls sadly will not date the guy that was their shoulder in their heartbreak. Most likely because women form strong attachments no matter how long they have been away from the other. They usually don't want the memories. There are however many many good women out there, look around without judging to hard, cause the earth is made of precious metals, we just get lost in who wants which kind of metal.

    • yhhh, very insightful

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    • yhhh, but the new one must have a lot in common with me because she will get jealous if she meets the girl i like now as we both have a lot in common.

    • a lot of people have more in common than they take the time to establish

  • I'm gonna tell you this right now:

    You are most likely in some kind of blissful denial that helps you cope with the rejection.

    In about a couple months, the reality is gonna hit you and hit you hard. And when that happens, the girl is gonna want your attention again.

    You may start liking her again and she may act as though she has changed her mind. Don't fall for that.

    Not that she's using you or anything, she just wants your attention.

    I should know. I've been through this before.

    I hope things are different for you two, however.

    • yhh i know, but i've pretty much gotten over her. Im still gonna talk to her cause i don't have many female friends, let alone attractive ones so someone like her would good to have around especially in attracting other girls. Im not falling for any of her games again

  • She used you as an emotional crutch. Even if she wants to date you later on (highly unlikely), you shouldn't agree to that. Move on and find someone who actually likes you.

    • Tbh, i don't have many female friends, let alone attractive ones so i feel having her around as a good friend may work in my favor in attracting other girls

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    • good luck with everything and thanks for the advice

    • You're most welcome! And you have a great attitude. The girl who'll eventually end up with you, will be very lucky!