Help with this please?

Ok so a girl I worked with walked up to me tonight and goes your being really cold to me and I told her it was cause multiple associates said she friendzoned me and I was upset. So she goes we need to continue talking cause we get pulled apart because I'm floor sales associate and she's a cashier later she goes I'm pissed and I wanna kick this persons ass for saying this and I tell her that she can do whatever she feels like doing. Cause she asked me why I was being this way after laughing so much with her and being nice. She said it was ok if I didn't wanna be friends and just be regular associates. Later in the night I told her how deep down them other associates hurt me I told her what if they were right about me liking you and she goes well when people spend time together it happens. I told her we need to continue this conversation tomorrow but I honestly don't know where this is gonna go. I don't know if she's gonna go after the other girl for saying what she said and I really don't know how things between us are gonna be cause it's like everything is on the table now she knows I like her and I was avoiding her to suppress that pain
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Help with this please?
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