Girls, How Do I Get Back Into Her Life After Uneventful Sex Date, Where I Fell For Her?

I met a girl on a dating site 3 years ago. Because I was insecure about her being confined to a wheelchair, I never made the effort to meet her in person. However, we kept in touch via phone and Facebook and became friends. Over the summer we started texting and, sexting. We decided to finally meet for a sex date, which included, first, meeting her Mom and a cousin who she's close to. And I didn't hit it off with them as well as I would have liked. Anyway, we had decided that there would be no relationship talk, just sex. Once I finally met her in person and kissed her, I knew I liked her, A LOT! Then the sex didn't go as expected because I was too nervous and tried too hard. But we made out in bed and slept together. Girls, I felt something for her, which, apparently she didn't feel for me. So, she kinda dropped off the radar while I sent her way too many texts expressing my feelings, trying to convince her I could be a great friend. She finally sent me a message saying she enjoyed spending time with me and always wanted to be friends, but wasn't ready for a relationship. She needed time to think. I was a fool and kept sending her more messages along with roses and candy.
It's been 7 weeks since our "date" and I can't get her off my mind. I've never been this way about anyone. I've been soul searching and praying a lot, but still really care about this girl and don't care that she's paralyzed. This part I'd scary for me because I've always dated physically active girls who like to go hiking and do other outdoor activities.
Am I right to still care for her and wanting her in my life? Will giving her space by only sending a short text every week or so, be okay? Did not making a good first impression with her mom kill my chances with her?
I don't want to lose her and can't make myself let go.
Girls, How Do I Get Back Into Her Life After Uneventful Sex Date, Where I Fell For Her?
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