Guys, I need advice. What are signs to look for when a guy is playing you and what is the best way to handle the situation?


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  • If he is playing you it will be hard to see the red flags but if it feels off then it usually is. If he is pushing you for anything stall him and see how he reacts. If he only pushes more then you know something is wrong.

  • If your a smart woman you should see the signs and feel it. Women have excellent intuition unless they've been tainted. (Cheated, Paranoid, etc.) If you feel played move along, millions more out there. As for handling just be up front and honest that you feel like he is. If he's caught he will flee. If not he will change his behavior. But don't be fooled by butter up attempts because some men do it when avoiding suspicion.

    • Yeah my gut is telling me I am. What would a butter up attempt look like? I'm really getting fed up with the behavior and I'm ready to just walk away without a word.

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    • No problem. Just don't be shy. 50/50 is a great chance.

    • There are billions of guys out there literally about 3-4 billion. You would be surprised if the next stranger was your One, and this message helped you find him. World works strangest wonders.

  • Well, look for. inconsistencies between words and actions.
    Tell friends, or impartial stranger, preferably girls, or guys with zero interest in you.
    Tell them the facts, all of the facts, ask them about their analysis on the situation.

    Its often good to have an outside view. But it must be impartial. Not someone who has an agenda. Be it hooking up with you, wanting whats best for you, protecting you... etc.. Just look for someone who really doesn't mind either way, and get their input. Do that a few times. This can help.


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